Flex Z Mini and Original Goggles


Flex Z Goggles are available in Original, Mini, and Over-The-Glasses sizes. The Mini and Original sizes are available in clear or coloured with matching rims. Available colours are blue, amber, red, purple, pink and smoke. The Over-The-Glasses size are only available in clear.

The size of the Original is 8″ x 2.75″. The size of the Mini is 8″ x 2.25″. The size of the Over-The-Glasses style is the same as the Original, except they have a 2″ depth to them to allow glasses to fit under.

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ORIGINAL – Clear lens, ORIGINAL – Red lens, ORIGINAL – Amber lens, ORIGINAL – Blue lens, ORIGINAL – Purple lens, ORIGINAL – Smoke lens, ORIGINAL – Pink lens, MINI – Clear lens, MINI – Red lens, MINI – Amber lens, MINI – Blue lens, MINI – Purple lens, MINI – Smoke lens, MINI – Pink lens, OVERGLASSES – Clear lens

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