Talkable Audible Altimeter by Caelum Systems


Talkable Audible Altimeter by Caelum Systems

Talkable is an audible altimeter that talks to you. Rather than just beeping at preset altitudes like a regular audible, Talkable will read out your altitude as you cross thousand- and hundred-foot thresholds. This gives you far more information than a regular audible, helping you maintain altitude awareness at all times and lead that sick angle jump or get the perfect landing pattern without taking your eyes off the surrounding airspace. And don’t worry – it can also beep at preset altitudes.

Talkable settings can be edited with a really easy to use configuation file found on the the internal USB drive. Simply connnect your device to a computer and edit your height presets, the number of altitude alerts, the volume of the alerts and extra customisable bleeps to go along with the voice to make sure you never miss a break off!

The Talkable is rechargebale which means you don’t need to worry about changing out batteries and losing fiddly compontents or breaking the battery case. Simply long hold the button to get an audible announcement of your remaining battery level so that you never get caught short!

Caelum Systems is a UK company who are dedicated to offering excellent after sales support and regular product improvements / updates through their easy to use firmware update process.

This product is ready to ship next day to the UK and overseas!

These mounts are designed for better fitment in Fuel and Kiss helmets (for quick removal)


Caelum Systems Talkable talking audible altimeter for skydiving
A link to the most recent user manual can be found here User Manual
A link to the most recent firmware version can be found here Firmware



Update rate 8 Hz
Accuracy 1 m



Memory size >1,000 jumps
Interface USB mass storage device class



Chemistry Lithium-Polymer (LiPo)
Lifetime Approx. 2 months or 80 jumps
Charge time Approx. 150 minutes



Length 56 mm
Width 40 mm
Height 12 mm
Weight 32 g


User Interface

Talkable is always on; you don’t need to turn it on at the start of the day or off at the end.
The white indicator LED on the device will flash to indicate that the device is powered. (Once every 30 seconds while it is on the ground and once every 2.5 seconds while climbing to altitude.) You can also confirm the device is powered by a short press of the button; the indicator LED will flash in response.
The button is also used to read the remaining battery level. Press and hold the button until Talkable states the remaining battery level (~2-second hold). The level is reported in steps of 10%, so, for example, “Eight” indicates 80% battery remaining.

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