Aerodyne Pilot Canopy

Ask anyone who has jumped a Pilot and they will tell you the openings are the best you can get, it is fun to fly and easy to land. Since its introduction the Pilot has charmed beginners and experienced jumpers alike. Whether your cup of tea is a conventional approach or a little more playful, the Pilot will surprise you with its stable flight, responsive turns and comfortable flare. This canopy can really do it all.With a lighter wing loading the Pilot is the ideal choice for those who downsize after initial training and buy their first canopy. Increase the wing loading and the Pilot becomes the favorite companion of the more experienced skydiver who enjoys the higher performance and faster turns it can produce. Canopy piloting schools recommend the Pilot for their training courses, because it is reliable and versatile at the same time.Whether you deploy following RW, VFS or wing suit flight, with a camera mounted on your helmet or a weight belt around the waist, the Pilot will put you in the saddle in the most comfortable and reliable way. Dare we say that its name has become synonymous for good opening? Yes, but that is not the entire story for the Pilot has so much more to offer!

Because of the fluctuation in exchange rates please contact us for a quote for a custom canopy order.


90, 96, 104, 111, 117, 124, 132, 140,
150, 168, 188, 210, 230, 250


An Aerodyne exclusive honeycomb structured fabric that is thinner and lighter, yet stronger than the regular ZP fabric we all know. This creates two great features: a 15 to 20% smaller pack volume (in comparison to a same sized ZP canopy) and a much easier pack job on even a brand new canopy.

Frustration free packing with colored packing tabs that allow for a speedy review of line groups during a pro-pack.

725 lb. Spectra
700 lb. HMA
700 lb. Vectran ZLX
600 lb. Dacron

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