Performance Designs Katana Canopy

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Got your attention because it’s named after a cool samurai sword, didn’t we?  More than just a flashy name, the Katana boasts ideal specs for any experienced canopy pilot who’s not quite ready for a cross-brace, but itching for a more aggressive flight.  A step-up from our Sabre2 and Stiletto (yeah…we like swords), it’s a fully elliptical 9-cell designed for soft, smooth openings, a long control range, a steep dive (‘cause we know you wanna go fast), light front riser pressure, and a powerful flare.



  • Sizes 83, 89, 97, 107, 120, 135, 150, 170
  • 9-cell canopy
  • All Zero Porosity (ZP) fabric
  • HMA lines
  • Highly tapered
  • Long snivel openings


  • Long recovery arc
  • Long snivel openings
  • Very steep glide
  • Wide speed range
  • Very light front riser pressure
  • Long dynamic flare


  • Advanced to Expert skydivers
  • Experienced canopy pilots
  • Camera flyers
  • Individuals who are actively working on their canopy piloting skills
  • Canopy pilots who aren’t competitive
  • Individuals who want an aggressive canopy but are not interested in or ready for a cross-braced canopy

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