Performance Designs PD Reserve Canopy

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Looking for a tough, highly capable reserve that has stood the test of time? How does a 29+ year track record and 60,000 PD reserves in use work for you? The PD Reserve is our best selling canopy of time, trusted by pilots all over the world as their last-resort canopy. It is known for responsive flight characteristics, predictable handling, excellent glide in the brakes, and outstanding landings. Designed and built with every potential situation in mind, we tested well beyond the maximum weight and speed limits required for TSO certification. If you want proven reliability, the PD Reserve is for you.



  • Sizes 99, 106, 113, 126, 143, 160, 176, 193, 218, 235, 253, 281
  • 7-cell reserve canopy
  • F111 type fabric
  • Microline or Dacron
  • Available in Yellow, White, or Light Blue


  • Highly capable reserve
  • Responsive, predictable handling
  • Excellent glide in brakes and outstanding landings
  • Better flare power and openings than previous canopies
  • Subtle aerodynamic aspects of the design make it more powerful and more forgiving than anything built before


  • Anyone!
  • Individuals looking for a reserve with a strong reputation and a 29+ year track record

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