Performance Designs Silhouette Canopy

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Stress-free, easy, fun. Did we just describe your ideal vacation? Yup. But also every day in the sky with a Silhouette. Designed to provide responsive handling, even at lower wing loadings, this is the perfect canopy for new skydivers, conservative canopy pilots, and literally anyone who enjoys drama-free flights.  Who’s going to say “no” to consistent openings, short snivels, flat glide, short recovery arc, easy flare timing, AND lots of flare power? Go ahead, find someone, we’ll wait….

Oh yeah, and packing?  Thanks to a combination of fabrics, it’s got low pack volume and is EASY to pack.  You’re welcome.



  • Sizes 135, 150, 170, 190, 210, 230, 260
  • 9-cell canopy
  • Zero Porosity (ZP) top skin
  • F111 type bottom skin
  • Microline or Dacron


  • Soft openings with short snivel
  • Flat glide
  • Short recovery arc
  • Low pack volume
  • Easy to time flare


  • Student to Experienced skydivers
  • Anyone looking for a docile, “no fuss” canopy
  • Individuals looking for a canopy that has a low pack volume
  • Flat packing
  • Easy packing

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